With technology and advancement comes security threats, including data breaching, malware attacks, cloud service attacks, social engineering attacks, etc. Cybersecurity is the weapon to prevent these scenarios. Today you will get to know about social engineering in detail to prevent attacks related to it.

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering, its name suggests it is socializing through engineering. Yes, it is right, but as malpractice.

Social Engineering is a way of managing people to convince them to leak their confidential information. Hackers are smart in choosing the type of information they are looking for for this purpose. …

There is a large heap of data in the world. Professionals in the Artificial Intelligence domain are working to manage this data efficiently. Big Data is one of the solutions for managing data. It helps in managing and manipulating data to give it a useful form. It provides solutions to reduce, optimize and adjust data in usable format.

In the fast-paced world, data management is a headache for companies and corporations. It is crucial to keep intact with personal information of customers to prevent cybersecurity thefts.

As an employee or a leader, you have to be conscious of your personality traits. In this case, personal effectiveness plays a part in managing yourself.

Sometimes, employees performance as an interviewee is better than as a full-time employee. So, this can reduce by having personal effectiveness. This way, you will help your team and yourself to improve performance. Find out what is your personality type. Let’s dive deeper into why is it so crucial?

What is Personal Effectiveness?

If you look for personal effectiveness in businesses for employees, it means managing team spirit, leadership skills, good communication, and organization…

Machine Learning or should I call it “Magical Learning”? Each day I can feel the essence of ML and AI in our day to day life. ML is spreading its presence everywhere be it education industry, virtual bots or even in editing of images as I found an amazing project yesterday with the motive of Cartoonization of Image without any editing tools (heavy and costly)rather using small python script (easy and free).

In this article I am going to elaborate how an image is cartoonized at basic level with just two libraries of python namely, cv2 and numpy. …

Often, we miss out cheer fighting against our fears! Do you regret after that?

There is no meaning in regretting because you will just let yourself down and lose your confidence if you try to compare and regret for the failures you come across.


So, I just wish to tell you all, “Life is unpredictable and your dreams are what will let to thrive through this beautiful journey.”

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Health, one of the major issues in our day to day life. When it comes to health people sound more cautious than anything else, after all, it deserves this attention, as is said by pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Thales, ”A sound mind lies in a sound body.”
Have you ever wondered, what counts on good health? Most of you will answer, the right diet! But that’s not completely true, as the behavioral aspect stands an equal say in case of health.

Snacks Time

Simple Data Visualization

Data Science is the art of story-telling as it is the way to explain to people how beautiful and useful the data is, to those who are not aware of data by transforming it into some understandable form. So, data visualization is one of the strongest tools or say steps in Data Science to translate data in a form that everyone can understand.

This post is for the beginners who just started with data visualizations for EDA.

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is a graphical representation of the information and data to make it useful and…

“Data Science is what data scientists do.

Data scientists are the people like us they may be an engineer, statistician, Phd. scholar, business tycoon, finance investor and so on.
Data scientist is the person with the following three features:
1. Curiosity
2. Argumentability
3. Logically skilled.

Data scientist is someone who follows the art of story-telling. He is best at describing the analytical and predictive approach of working with data in the form of a story.
In broader view, data science is the field that is based on analyzing, manipulating and then finding results for the given sets of data in…

Life is not about big or small, it has a way bigger perspective than that.

To live a perfect life, we just need to ingredients i.e. satisfaction and happiness. If we have these two all other things fall in a place you see it yourself when you just use these two ingredients perfectly.

What’s your perspective about life?

“I am not being negative here, but just expressing my imagination.”

The Earth will be healing soon, just rejpice till that time.

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